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Healthier Conflict. Happier Relationships.
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We don’t have many certainties in life, but conflict is one of them. It’s an inherent part of being in an intimate relationship with a whole other multifaceted human being who have their own experiences, comforts, and needs.  But luckily, the key to fulfilling relationships isn’t avoiding conflict altogether — it’s learning how to fight.

Safe conflict is crucial because it gives us the opportunity for repair -- that's how we deepen connection, build security, & strengthen intimacy in our relationships.

What Can We Work On?

Common topics that come up in session include

Anxious & avoidant attachment | an imbalance of closeness & space in romantic relationships

Becoming activated or shut down in conflict | conflicting needs

Issues with intimacy

(physical, emotional, financial, etc.)

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who Individuals & couples who live in NY 
what Therapy that explores past relational wounds/how early experiences of relating affect conflict & intimacy in adult relationships  

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 Work Together?


who Individuals & couples anywhere around the world 
what Coaching that workshops existing conflict & helps improve communication moving forward

 How Can We 


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