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Money is as emotional as it is numerical.

If you're tired of feeling overwhelmed by money stress and want to feel more secure in your financial wellbeing, it's time to explore your relationship with money. I am a licensed therapist and coach (not a financial advisor) who helps you understand the emotional and psychological aspects of your relationship to money. 

what is your relationship to money? 

What WE CAn Work On

Common topics that come up in session include

 Feelings of fear, insecurity, & distrust   towards money 

 How what you learned about money growing up (family & cultural dynamics, gender roles, attachment styles) affects

 your relationship with money now 

 Difficulty talking about money in   relationships 

Wood Panel

  Financial Therapy  

who Individuals & couples who live in NY 
what Therapy that explores your relationship between money   and your mental health 

Financial Coaching

who Individuals & couples anywhere around the world 
what Coaching that explores the emotional aspects of your   relationship with money 

 How WE Can Work Together 


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​Tel: (443) 504-3676

Based in New York City

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